Responsibilities:Audit Service Commission

  • Formulate and implement guidelines
  • Perform such other duties and functions as are necessary or expedient for the discharge of its functions under this Law
  • Advise the State Government on Policy issues relating to audit matters
  • Advise the Governor on the need to provide welfare for Office Staff.
  • Implement ethics and code of conduct for auditors employed in the Office.
  • Implement Government policies on Audit matters.
  • Promote, transfer and confirm appointments of persons employed by the Commission; and
  • Dismiss and exercise disciplinary control over such persons holding or acting in such offices.


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The Departments in the Audit Service Commission are as follows with their responsibilities:

  • Administration & Human Resource Department: It combines general administration of the office with the Human Resource Management to ensure the objectives of the Commission as met.
  • Accounts Department: It is responsible for the processing of all financial activities of the Commission.
  • Recruitment and Appeal Department: handle matters relating to Appointments, Transfer of Service and Confirmation of Appointment and upgrading of Auditors in the Civil Service. It also deals with issues of Rights of Appeal arising from the decisions of the Commission.
  • Career Management / Discipline & Severance Department: The directorate is responsible for establishment of matters which included Promotion, Conversion and Career Progression of Auditors.
  • Technical Department: The directorate is in charge of implementation of Code of Conduct as well as preparation of Technical Career Development Plan for State Auditors.


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